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EXCLUSIVE! Ninja O Dark!

Woah! NOw i just found a very very excluive picture for you of Ninja O Dark who is ment to be helping us when we train to become a fire ninja!

Ninja O Dark

And I have some pictures of his playercard and his autograph!

ninja o dark

Please do not steal this pic if you want to use it please just give credit and a link back thanks! So what do you think of ninja o dark?

~Pizza Bar~


11 Responses

  1. Where is the link you found the photo. Plz email at jake.1999@hotmail.co.uk

  2. awesome

  3. ok im gunna take it and give u credit put your twitter and your site up is that ok?

  4. Sweet Where Did You Get It From! Email Me at adsterdude@hotmail.co.uk with the link and i may give u a card jitsu code!

    ~Yoda Ads

  5. oK i put it up http://thegamespot.wordpress.com/

  6. Im gonna copy it but I Will give you credit

  7. can i have the other picture of ninja o darks player card without any copyright on. and i will send you a card jitsu code.


    ~Yoda Ads

  8. guys, someone named ‘chillyfreeze’ or something commenting on one of my ninja o dark posts saying he got an email from clubpenguin saying ninja o dark doesnt exist and wont be coming to club penguin. go to my site for more info! http://cpcheaters247.wordpress.com

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